Organization of Frontier Science and Innovation Kanazawa University

About O-FSI

Kanazawa University actively encourages world class research, fosters human resources and contributes to society by putting the results of our research to use in society, with the aim of being 'a world-class research-based university, dedicated to education and open to local and world communities'.
In order to provide research support consistently throughout our research fields, from fundamental to applied areas, as well as to accelerate the application of our Industry-Academia-Government collaboration research outcomes to use in society, Kanazawa University 's Frontier Science Organization and Center of Innovation have merged in April 2012 to create the Organization of Frontier Science and Innovation. The organization 's aim is to energize our education and research as well as to contribute to society by creating an interdisciplinary and integrated research domain that transverses sections, faculties and departments.
The organization provides strategic support to the Research Department by designating research programs under our unique research system. University Research Administrators (URAs), including Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Coordinators, are placed in our Administration (Research Support) Department, and play important roles in linking the University and society as well as functioning as a one-stop information center, and includes services such as collecting and consolidating information regarding research activities in the University, support for obtaining external funding, active promotion of the University's research outcomes outside the University, matching research needs and seeds by collaborating with industry and the government, acquiring and utilizing intellectual properties, and support for start-ups.
I appreciate your continuous understanding and cooperation.

Chisato Mukai

Chief Executive, Organization of Frontier Science and Innovation,
Director (General overview, Reformation, Research and Finance), Vice-president
Kanazawa University